Crystal Power

  • Bhavana Sharma
  • India
  • Feb 24, 2012

Everything in  nature consists of life-force energy vibrating at different frequencies. At the physical level,  life-force energy ultimately becomes matter;  at the spiritual level,   this energy becomes  consciousness –  expressed  as courage, joy and compassion. The spiritual healing qualities are what we can seek in crystals.  They have been used for millennia, to heal and ensure balance. We too can benefit, by dedicating and programming the crystals to bring the desired effect in our daily lives.

Know your Crystals 

Quartz: Known as the master stone—because of the way it amplifies the subtle energy—it is used for several  healing  processes.  It can be found in different shades – like  clear, pink  brown, yellow and purple.  There are also quartz clusters, geodes, pointers and wands – each serving a different spiritual purpose. Clear quartz pyramids can be kept in the children’s room to enhance study luck.

Quartz crystals can be programmed with your intentions;  and can also be kept anywhere around the house or office,  to remove negative vibrations.

Pearl: This crystal has affinities with the heart chakra and the solar plexus (the chakra located above the navel and below the sternum). The energies of this crystal are receptive; and pearls are worn to spread loving vibrations, and for inner strength. Black pearls are worn to bring luck; pink pearls to manifest an easy and comfortable life; and yellow pearls to bring wealth, and promote intelligence.

Wearing pearl rings and a necklace framed in silver will make you feel protected and nurtured.

Amethyst: This crystal has affinities with the crown chakra. Placed beneath the pillow, it can drive off insomnia  and nightmares. It has no negative effects,  and is known as a Spiritual stone. Hold the amethyst in your left hand, and let its soothing vibrations sink into you; it calms your unnatural fears, guilt, and addiction; and curbs overindulgence and emotional storms.

A pyramid of amethyst crystal, placed in the northwest of the house, will remove hurdles.

Rose Quartz: Having affinities with the heart chakra, this crystal relates to the emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual energy forces. Carrying a rose quartz will build self-confidence and self acceptance; and heighten the awareness of beauty around you – dissolving gloom and despondency. It opens your heart, so that you become receptive; and invokes self- trust and self-worth in relationships.

Lighting a pink candle and placing a rose quartz crystal  near  it is excellent for calming emotional distress, and healing relationships.

Smoky Quartz:  This has spiritual affinities with the root chakra, the solar plexus and the lower abdomen. It stabilises the emotions, and encourages you to experience new things – thereby developing an attitude of self-acceptance in the learning process. Its grounding energies  have a wonderful effect on those who have scattered energies, and need to feel more focused in life.

Wearing a triangular smoky quartz—framed in silver—around the neck, will be beneficial.

Jade:  This has affinities with the heart chakra, solar plexus and the third eye. Wearing a jade crystal regularly  can bring in focused calm and balance, for those who are oversensitive. It is also helpful in mental work, and promoting clear judgement.

A cluster of raw  jade crystals placed in a glass bowl containing white silver dust, will reduce negative impact on health; and increase the flow of finance.

Agate: This crystal can cleanse and stabilise the  aura, by removing any kind of negative energy. It can connect you better with the root chakra.  It is most noted for balancing the yin and yang; as well as for protection,  courage, and calming effects. Wearing blue lace agate can treat skin infections.

A pentagram, drawn with black salt and a cluster of moss agate crystals set in its centre, will dispel all negative energies.

 Carnelian: This orange crystal can be carried by the timid and the shy, to bolster courage. Worn around the neck as a pendant, it is excellent for bringing  in business prosperity – and stabilising the financial situation. With its cheerful vitality, orange carnelian can help you look at the brighter side of life, and boost your enthusiasm. 

A circle of  eleven  orange candles, anointed with cedar oil, and lit along with  two carnelian crystals, can help  with decision-making and intuition.

Black Obsidian:  It is a grounding and centering crystal, that can be used or carried for removing negativity from one’s aura. Self-control is also induced by use of this stone. Its  spiritual forces will take you deep into your sub-conscious mind, and curb imbalances and destructive tendencies.

Hanging a pouch of three black obsidian crystals in the room will lead to balance in life.

Citrine: Carrying the power of the sun, this crystal is exceedingly beneficial. It does not need cleaning, and can be worn for long periods – as it energises all levels of life. Yellow citrine activates the crown chakra, and opens intuition. Worn as a bracelet or pendant, it can help overcome phobias, fears and depression.

A cluster of citrine crystals, hung or placed in the centre of the house, will improve family discord and promote harmony. 

Aquamarine: An excellent crystal for aiding meditation,  and calming the mind. Spiritually, it sharpens intuition, and aids clairvoyance. It can be worn for curing sore throats, and thyroid problems. 

Holding an  aquamarine crystal in your hand will bring you peace, joy and happiness. 

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