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  • Jun 22, 2012
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If  you are on the lookout for furniture to liven up your homes or offices, but popular brands are way beyond your budget, check out the furniture market at Badhshahpur. Luxury comes cheap in this second-hand furniture market, that has mushroomed along the Sohna Road. The market is a one-stop destination for imported furniture, as well as electronics, antiques, and musical instruments.


There are some 10 shops, that have something for everyone. From students, to families and office-folk, the market receives customers from all across the City. When asked about the profile of buyers, M.K Jajoria, who claims to be the first vendor to set up a shop in the market, says, “Recently we supplied furniture to the nearby police station. People from posh colonies such as DLF Phase V and Palam Vihar also visit the market, to buy furniture and artefacts. Used electronic items are also attracting a large number of customers.”

The market is also frequented by musicians, as guitars and drums—and even consoles—are sometimes, available in the market. Professor K. Babu from Nirvana Country has been a customer for nearly four years. “I visited this market for the first time in 2008, when I was running a music class for the underprivileged children. I wanted to buy a set of drums, and an acoustic guitar, for the batch. Since buying new instruments was out of reach, I checked out this Badshahpur furniture market, and bought a guitar, a set of drums, a dholak, and a fluteall for under Rs. 6,000.  One trip to this market gives me a chance to explore different items, and they are all easy on the pocket,” says Babu.


Rekha Tiwari, a regular buyer, seconds that. She just bought her son a study table for just Rs. 2,200, while her daughter Namita picked up a wooden magazine stand for Rs. 400. “One can easily find  furniture for the kids’ room – such as bunker beds, study tables, computer cabinets, and book racks. Last year, I bought a bunker bed for Rs. 2,000, and a computer table for Rs. 700, both in pretty good condition,” says Rekha. 

Brands Available

A sharp-eye shopper can, in fact, find amazing deals on furniture, antiques, and electronics. Akshat, a student, who checks out the market quite regularly, bought a second-hand table tennis table of Stag for Rs. 4,000. The market value of a new table is around Rs. 40,000. “It was like hitting the jackpot,” smiles Akshat.

From Durian 8-seater sofa sets, and Samsung French-door refrigerators, to IFB automatic washing machines and Greenply office furniture, many branded goods are readily available in the market.  Besides, the vendors make sure the items are in a good condition. They also offer warranty on some goods. “We always make sure that the items are in a good usable condition. Even while purchasing used furniture, people are brand conscious. We have tied up with the scrap dealers in big condominiums, who make available branded items to us,” says Ramchandra, a shopkeeper

Money Matters

When compared to other second-hand furniture markets in the City, the Badshahpur market turns out to be the cheapest. A sofa set that will cost around Rs. 50,000 in a second-hand furniture store at Sikanderpur, will cost Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 20,000 at Badhshahpur. We also found an imported timber wood bed set for Rs. 25,000, and an 8-seater dining table for Rs. 10,000.

One can also buy electronic goods, such as microwaves, for Rs.1,100; a fully-automatic washing machine for Rs. 4,000; and a branded full-capacity refrigerator for Rs. 7,000. Fitness equipment, like treadmills, can be bought under Rs. 6,000.

However, it is prudent to always try out the items before making a purchase. Open up the drawers in cabinets, check out the support system of couches, and sit on the chairs. “Don’t buy soft woods like pine lumber, and always get the old furniture refurnished,” advises an interior decorator who visits the market quite regularly. 



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