BJP: ‘Namo Tea’ and ‘One Vote, One Note’

  • Abhishek Behl / FG
  • India
  • Mar 07, 2014




In the lead up to the Elections, the BJP this time has started to mobilise the masses in a more subtle manner. While AAP organized a protest outside the Police Commissioner’s Office, on the issue of police inaction in the rape case of a minor, the BJP is using the ‘Namo Tea’ and ‘One Vote, One Note’ campaigns to reach out to the masses. Gargi Kakkar, State Secretary, BJP, says that the Party is working hard to reach out to every voter - in both Gurgaon and Rewari - to ensure the success of Narendra Modi. “In the last few weeks our Team has met more than 700 families in ‘old’ Gurgaon under the ‘One Vote, One Note’ campaign, which has been very successful. Even those who are not very politically inclined have made up their mind that this time they will vote for a government led by Modi”, asserts Kakkar. In her view the major strength for the BJP, in Haryana and across the country, is a dedicated cadre of workers; and who now believe that the Party is going to come to power both in Delhi and Chandigarh (in the Assembly polls, later). This has galvanized the Party.


The workers in Gurgaon are leaving no stone unturned for the Lok Sabha elections, and whoever gets the Party ticket will be supported and helped to ensure that he/she wins this seat, she promises – obviously referring to the entry of Congress rebel Rao Inderjit Singh into the BJP, at a time when a number of established BJP leaders were in the fray to get the prestigious Gurgaon seat. The equations in the State BJP have indeed changed, admits Kakkar, but asserts that the decision of the National leadership has been accepted by the rank and file. In her opinion, Rao Inderjit has strong credentials in Gurgaon and would benefit the Party by bringing in votes from his core constituency and supporters. Kakkar, who joined the Party as an active worker in 1990, and got an official position in 1996, is of the opinion that it important for any Party to respect the workers and listen to their views - if the Party wishes to be successful in the long run. She lists inflation, corruption, lack of security and multiple scams - in both Haryana and at the Centre – as the core issues impacting the voters. The BJP leader adds that what is perhaps surprising is that more women are supporting the leadership of Narendra Modi, and this support is particularly strong among the people from the rural areas. “There are a large number of ex-servicemen in Haryana, and particularly in the Gurgaon and Rewari area, who support the strong personality and leadership of Modi. The people are also very angry at the misrule of the Congress government, and they want to end it as soon as possible. To ensure this, Kakkar says that the Party has formed alliances with like-minded Parties in the State, and these would be strengthened further, to ensure that the BJP combine comes to power. Refuting the oft-repeated charge that the BJP is an urban-centric party in Haryana, Kakkar says that more than the cities it is the rural areas that are responding to the rallies and calls of Narendra Modi. “Our focus on fielding candidates having a clean image, and our dedication for the public causes, would ensure that the Party will be the winner this time’, she says.



Kakkar also wants to fight the elections from Gurgaon, and asserts that if the Party gives her the mandate, she would ensure that the BJP flag flies victoriously in the City. She further opines that it has been difficult for her as a woman, in politics, as the system and the people are not very supportive; persistence has been the reason for her success, she declares. “The system is heavily biased towards those – almost all men - from a political family or background. The ‘others’ need a very long time, and very hard work, to establish themselves”, she says frankly. She is hopeful that her Party would realise and recognise her contribution.


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