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  • Abhishek Behl / FG
  • India
  • Feb 15, 2013

The loss of a child shatters a family, and forces them to question God. Many are unable to recover. For Prema and Jyoti Sagar, the loss reinforced their desire to do something for the critically ill. To manage her trauma, Prema started to work with the Missionaries of Charity.

In 2001 the Sagars formed the Genesis Foundation as a private Trust, to provide critical medical care for abandoned and lesser-privileged children. They have managed to help a fair number of children.

Haripal was suffering from multiple deformities, and had little hope of survival, living in acute poverty. With the help of the Genesis Foundation this child was taken to the United States for treatment, and was also adopted by a caring US family. Haripal survived the ordeal, and now lives a normal life.  

 In the last 12 years the Genesis Foundation has helped 305 children that had critical illnesses. The Foundation has ensured that they have an opportunity to lead a normal life, and to manage themselves in future. Prema says that the Foundation provides assistance for the treatment of critical illnesses such as cancer, cardiac disorder, organ failure, thalassemia and extreme deformities. We work with several homes and institutions in many cities all over India, she adds.

However, due to the nature of these illnesses, the cost of treatment is very high. To generate funds, the Foundation has found creative ways – such as organising luncheon events and musical fundraising events, wherein top CEOs of India come to cook, top singers and bands are invited to perform; and even art shows are held, to ignite the passion of giving.

Prema says that a majority of men love to cook and showcase their skills, and that is the reason for their charity event ‘CEOs Cook for their Supper’ becoming very successful. “We organise the events in such a way that people participate in them, while also supporting the children. It gives the CEOs and others the satisfaction that they are playing their part for the weaker sections of society,” she says. Another event that has been quite a success is where some top corporates share their musical talent. “CEOs Singing for their Supper, and a cause, has become such a success that now corporates from across the country want to participate in it,” she says. 

Apart from ensuring medical help, the Foundation also organises events and activities for the less-privileged children. Last year, children from NGOs supported by Genesis Foundation were invited for a picnic. A total of 120 children, between the ages of 4 to 16, participated in this event.

Sagar says that the objective of the Foundation is to connect the people who want to give time, resources, and knowledge to those who are in need. The Genesis Foundations’ Hope Programme identifies homes, hospitals and institutions in and around Delhi to determine and treat children who need critical care. “We need volunteers to build partnerships with hospitals and doctors worldwide, testing laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and medical suppliers,” she adds. There is also need for people who can source and connect with corporates as potential partners of the Programme.

Every year the Foundation wants to increase the number of children it supports by at least 20 per cent. Asked about the support the Foundation has received from the Millennium City, Sagar says that Gurgaon has a big heart, and people support humanitarian efforts wholeheartedly. “The people of Gurgaon have a heart. They support in need. Many come forward to participate, and that contributes to building a community that cares,” she asserts. Her pursuit of providing quality healthcare to critically ill children has been supported by friends, family and a part of a close community. Now she wants to up the scale, and help save hundreds and thousands of critically ill children


The forthcoming fund raiser, Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Festival in March 2013, will help Genesis Foundation (GF) raise the funds needed to save the lives of ten children who are in need of surgery and treatment.

Atul, 14 years old, underwent kidney transplant in March 2011 at AIIMS. The surgery was successful, and Atul is currently now on triple drug immunosuppression treatment. He needs to take medicines life-long to avoid infections; the dosage of medicines may change from time to time. The cost is Rs.15,000 per month.




Jyoti, 3 years old, has Retinoblastoma of both eyes. She is undergoing treatment at Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital. Jyoti has to undergo 8 cycles of Chemotherapy, followed by both eyes’ Enucelation – with implant if required. Jyoti’s father works in a factory earning Rs.3000 per month. The total cost of treatment to be undertaken is Rs.102,739.



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