ACME to partner with South Korea’s SAMSUNG SDI

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  • Dec 07, 2013



ACME, a leader in energy management and innovative solutions for alternate energy sector, with presence in solar power generation, said it had signed an exclusive and strategic agreement with South Korean Energy Storage System giant Samsung SDI (part of the Samsung group), for the manufacture and marketing of Lithium Ion Batteries (LIBs) in telecom, solar power and defence sectors, and other allied industries in India and Africa. As per the Agreement, ACME will be the Sole Partners of Samsung SDI in India and Africa markets, have the exclusive right to use Samsung SDI’s technology and will aim for a sale of upto 110 MWh of Lithium Ion Batteries by FY 2016 (in its area).

“ACME has been a pioneer in the introduction of innovative and disruptive energy technologies to the Indian industry since its inception – with an aim to help reduce energy consumption, carbon emission and diesel usage. In line with our tradition, we are taking major steps forward to solve one of the biggest challenges of the energy industry, by having an appropriate storage solution for the Kilowatt to the Megawatt class. This will help users replace their diesel generators and invertors, and help utilities to schedule their renewable energy generation as per demand. Samsung SDI, being the world’s biggest Lithium Ion Battery manufacturer and leader in technology and innovation, is our partner for manufacturing and marketing the Energy Storage System (ESS) solution in India and Africa. We believe the unique strengths of the two partners will be able to create and offer disruptive and the right solutions for the Indian market, to resolve issues related to back-up power and distributed generation,” said Manoj Kumar Upadhyay, Chairman and Managing Director, ACME.

KH Kim, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Samsung SDI said, ”By this strategic alliance with ACME, Samsung SDI will create a milestone, by expanding our business of the Energy Storage System to the India and Africa markets. As a leading company of the LIB-ESS industry, we will continue to explore the market in India and Africa. We believe, with Samsung’s quality, capability and ACME’s network, we can reach our goal of becoming No.1 in this LIB-ESS business.”

The Battery industry in India has been registering a CAGR of around 20% over the last few years. On the global front, the last decade has observed the surge in usage of Li-Ion batteries - while that of Ni-Cd, NiMH and Lead Acid batteries has been near stagnant. As per an estimate by Frost & Sullivan, the global market for Li-Ion segment was around $11.7 bn in year 2012, with consumer batteries – for mobile phone, cameras, laptop, tablet PC and power tools - having a 64% share. This market value is expected to double by 2016 and the share of consumer batteries in the overall segment will be reduced to 52%; industrial usage will grow multifold. In India, this technology will help several industries, including telecom, utilities, defence, off- grid and logistics.

The ESS industry will also play a major role, in combination with green energy solutions, to make them a reliable and viable hybrid energy source - unlike conventional solar and other renewable energy options that work as per the natural clock. With the latest technological innovations, the lesser need for recharge and longer duration back-up, will serve the purpose of bringing contiguity in the output.

The ACME Group is a leader in the field of energy management and innovative solutions for the wireless telecommunications and alternate energy sector. It prides itself as a pioneer in the development of green technology solutions that are environmental-friendly, energy- efficient & cost-effective – and are capable of delivering a quick return on investment. The ACME group is a result of the vision and commitment of its founder, Manoj Kumar Upadhyay. He has sought to realize ACME’s goal by providing radically new technology solutions through intensive Research and Development. The establishment of ACME Cleantech Solutions Limited (formerly ACME Tele Power Limited) in 2003 was the first step towards realization of this dream. The Company today enjoys an international presence, through its own establishments, channel partners and associates in over 17 countries worldwide. ACME products are installed over 40% telecom sites across the country, and help in Carbon Emission Savings of 2.2 Million Tonnes per annum

Samsung SDI, established in 1970, has strived towards a creative and innovative future. Samsung SDI has been creating innovative products with cutting-edge technology, which is being experienced by users today. Samsung SDI pioneered the development and research for the display business market. Since 2000, Samsung SDI has started to develop Lithium Ion Battery (LIB) technology as a venture division, and has attained the global #1 position. LIB business has become a successor to SDI’s thriving Display business. The next generation of Lithium Ion technology is rapidly expanding at Samsung SDI - from sole involvement in digital mobile devices to Electric Vehicles and ESS (Energy Storage Systems). 


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