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  • Shirin Mann / FG
  • India
  • Jan 06, 2012



Sometimes moving to a cosmopolitian city—where you might not know anyone and have to start life afresh, without any friends—can be a bit daunting. But not anymore in Gurgaon. Gurgaon’s Friends’ Circle, a local activity group, started over two months ago with a view to get like-minded people, of all age groups, together. Today the Circle has 60 friends who meet at least twice a month, and plan fun activities in and around Gurgaon. Started by Meenakshi Batra, Country Head of Warchild Canada, and Gaganpreet Uppal, Director Buisness Development of Avon Beauty Products, this cool Circle is open to all, from children to senior citizens; and they plan varied activities that involve the whole family.

Gaganpreet Uppal says, “I am a part of many Gurgaon activity groups, but I realised that at most of the activities you can’t take your parents along – because it many not be physically possible for them, or not of their interest. They see us going out every weekend and having fun, and it’s unfair for them to sit at home. So we decided to start a friends group, where you can bring your kids as well as parents, meet new like-minded people, and have a great time together. We have people from all ages and interests as part of our Circle.”

It is a non-commercial group; the membership is absolutely free. Members planning an activity chip in for the travel and activity expenses. 

Any group activity – coffee meetings, meals together, picnics, heritage walks, bird watching, cultural shows, theatre, photography, spirituality; or even something as simple and fun as going for long drives – is encouraged. The Gurgaon Friends’ Circle has a core group of 3 to 4 members, that plan, discuss and sketch activities, and post them on Facebook, and who ever is interested can go for it. 

“Like last Sunday, we went to the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary again, for a Christmas picnic. It was freezing, but we had a great time taking pictures, watching the stunning birds, and having our picnic.” says Gaganpreet. The Circle is now preparing for their ‘Breakfast with the Butterflies’ at the Asola Wildlife Sanctuary in the coming month.

Besides the picnics, the Circle has organised a ‘stress management workshop’. Encouraged by the high participation at that workshop, the Circle is now preparing for a ‘workshop on anger management’ that will be conducted by leading psychiatrists, on the 29th of December. Several other activities are in the pipeline. Most are planned for the weekend.

Ranbir Singh, 65, a friend of the Gurgaon Friends’ Cirlce says, “I am the senior most member, and am also part of several other groups; but I really enjoy being a part of Gurgaon Friends’ Circle for three reasons – you get to make new friends in your city, and so does your family; second, my passion is photography, and this group gives you many opportunities to do that; and third, it keeps you in good health, as we do a lot of walking in our activities. I take my wife and grand daughter—who is only 9 years old—along, and they absolutely love it. We are now looking forward to out-of-NCR trips; we are planning to go to Amritsar and Bharatpur in the near future. And that will be a lot of fun, with all the varied families together experiencing a new city.” 


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  • How do we get in touch with this group Please provide the email or contact no

  • kavita Sep 12, 2012
  • is there any way i can get in touch with this group my name is ankita and my mobile no is 9711900292

  • ankita Jul 02, 2012

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