It’s All In the Plot

  • V K Gaur
  • India
  • Dec 30, 2011



Balanced shape and size plots are desirable. Rectangular plots (with four right angles) are the best – they bestow happiness and property. Ideal proportion is 1:2. (Irregular shapes may be cut into a rectangular shape). 

A square plot is not auspicious. Circular plots may be accepted, provided the construction is also circular and not rectangular. Several religious monuments, pillars, parliamentary buildings are circular – and last long. Oval shaped plots do not provide harmony and stability. ‘Gaumukh’ plot is auspicious for tranquility and prosperity, and is only for residential buildings. It is unsuitable for commercial use. Triangular, pentagonal, hexagonal and irregular shaped plots are not recommended for residential purpose.

‘Singhmukh / shermukh’ plot is unsuitable for dwelling, but suitable for commercial windfall. A plot of land higher in the South and sloping towards North and East, is highly desirable. It gives prosperity and health. Water should flow from South to North. There should not be any depression in the centre. Slope and depression in the East causes unhappy feelings from children, financial losses, and loss of wisdom. Higher North results in poor health and monetary constraints.

A plot with roads on four sides is very good for commercial purpose.

A plot approached by roads in North, East and West is also good; and comes only next in benefit to a plot with roads on four sides.

A plot approached by roads in the East and North is also acceptable.

North East corner plots are considered auspicious for prosperity and sound health. It is the direction of growth.

Plots facing roads in South East direction have excessive fire and energy element. They provide positive energy for business ventures. They are good for hospitality, electrical equipments, baking activity, generators and inverters.

Plots facing roads in South West direction can be used for commercial purpose. However they are unsuitable for living purpose. Commercial activity should of heavy material like iron, steel and heavy construction material. It is the direction of Nairut (demon) – hence unsuitable for living purpose. 

Plots facing North are very good for business ventures, if they have a road on one side.

North West corner plots can provide abundant affluence, or cause financial disaster – if not made vaastu compliant. It is a good zone for communication business, dairy products and marine products.

The best location for a plot is with roads on all four directions.

A plot at the dead end of a road, blocks further progress and prosperity, Healthy surroundings are desirable. A small plot sandwiched between two large plots, or two massive buildings, must be avoided – as it causes suffocation and depression.

High rise buildings, hills, structures in the East and  the North, are harmful and must be avoided – as they block positive energy and growth. However, large buildings, hills  in the South and West are excellent – because they prevent the effect of negative elements.

River, water fall, stream, tank, pond in the North or East are auspicious; but give negative results if located in the West or South.

A massive structure of a temple building,  that casts a shadow on the plot between 9 am and 4pm must be avoided, for the sake of peace and prosperity. Similarly shadow of  trees and high rise buildings should not fall on the plot.

There should be no high tension wire, transformer or heat emitting engine at the entrance of the plot.

A dead tree/stump in front of a plot brings  sorrow and misery.

A dwelling in a deep forest is not recommended. Dense vegetation obstructs light, and the free flow of air; a high moisture content brings ill health. Presence of wild animals is another reason for avoiding forest areas. It is meant for saints, sages and those who are dedicated to meditation.  

The location of a ruler/highly influential personality in close proximity of common people generates an inferiority complex; and also disturbs due to loud celebrations. The struggle for power also at times disrupts peace.

Human habitation needs peace, tranquility and silence during the night. Those living in close vicinity of the airport, railway station, tramway yard,  busy railway line, firing ranges,  and marriage resorts experience discomfort; hence we should not construct  a house there.

Alterations / Extensions / Addition

λ Alteration to a plot should be done before construction and Bhumi Poojan.

λ If one intends to buy additional land for an existing plot it must be in the directions of :

1. East  2. North  3. North East.

λ Additions must be made to keep the plot rectangular. Any additions made to the South, West or South West are considered inauspicious.λ Plot extensions in the NE direction are unfavorable. They bring unhappiness, avoidable litigation, losses and heavy expenditure.

Extension of plots towards East of SE; South of SE; South of SW: West of SW;  West of NW; North of NW are inauspicious.




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Posted Comments
  • I recently bought a plot that is extended a little on the north-west corner It is north-facing measuring 47 on the road side i e north and 42 on the south It is 40 on the east and 40 on the west total dimension is 1780 sq ft Expect north all other sides are surrounded by other plots I want to know if it is good to construct a house on this plot in the future if not what alterations or corrections can be done Please guide me

  • Sudha Jan 30, 2013

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