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  • FG Bureau
  • India
  • Dec 30, 2011

Gurgaon’s Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bharti Arora, flagged off the latest edition of the Running and Living Marathon on Sunday. Over 1,000 participants—who included Gurgaon’s Municipal Commissioner Sudhir Rajpal—shrugged off the mist and the chills, as they ran in the various categories.

Rahul Verghese, Chief Believer, Running and Living, said, “We recorded over 900 people on this marathon. The participants varied from 5 year-olds to 50 years-old. Through these marathons, we plan to have a record 30 million people running.”

“I had hoped to have the HUDA Administrator, Dr. Praveen Kumar, for this marathon. He’s a fine runner, and we missed him. DCP Bharti Arora has always been a staunch supporter of our movement. That’s why we wanted her to flag off the event. Managing 900 people on the city roads is no easy task, and we appreciate the traffic police’s assistance.”


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