The Mystic Sense

  • Dr. Rajesh Bhola
  • India
  • Apr 24, 2015

There is a mystical experience in feeling or experiencing God’s presence. This reality is ever-present before us, and when we are able to discern this presence we become free. We are liberated at the moment of recognition and perception - the door to life is unlocked. The voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new vistas, but in having new eyes. All the great holy persons over the ages have spoken of their profound experience on realising and feeling the presence of God. They willed others to experience this communion or unity with the sacred presence. However, people instead began to worship these holy persons. These great enlightened masters seemed to share many similar traits: unusual intelligence, charisma, the ability to perform ‘miracles’…and a strong Sixth Sense. The Sixth Sense goes well beyond our basic sensory reflexes. A person who is able to develop this sense can truly get a sense of things to come. The Sixth Sense is natural and scientific; it is not mystical and unexplainable. It is the body’s ability to pick up fine energies (wavelengths) that have not yet been detected by ‘instruments’. And because it is a bodily sense, like any muscle or brain tissue, if you use it well, it will develop quickly; and if you do not use it, it will atrophy. If you only use the five basic senses – taste, touch, smell, sound and sight - for interpreting this world, everything you can know and understand will remain ‘basic’. But with the Sixth Sense you can feel and see energy, sense thoughts and anticipate emerging situations. Developing an active Sixth (Psychic) Sense is like adding a whole new dimension to your life, much like a deaf person suddenly starting to hear. You will uncover a hidden layer of understanding to everything. This subtle sense will reveal a new and unique knowledge, which will help unfold corresponding qualities in you. 

With the help of our five physical senses we develop self-consciousness, which in turn gradually develops an ego within us. Ego teaches us to discriminate, puts limits around us and develops our character traits. However, as part of human inheritance there exists in us one more (subtle) sense - the intuitive and spiritual Sixth Sense. Its role is to express the impulses coming from our soul in creative and unique ways. It helps raise our level of consciousness. The activation of this spiritual sense depends on our level of ‘purification’ and on our ability to master the impulses coming from the ego. This means that we must first learn to master and transmute our animalistic instincts and stop over-rationalising with our cerebral intelligence, so that this spiritual sense unfolds its attributes and qualities within us. The true sages of all epochs have in some manner based their teachings on this Sixth Sense. This Sense is based on the spirit of man, in which dwells the sublime knowledge of the creation of the universe and of its source. It also includes the knowledge and processes of the mystery of incarnation and of reintegration into the absolute uncreated light. The Sixth Sense functions properly only when the intelligence of the heart is open to its psyche and is in harmony with the two divine witnesses of soul and spirit. The intelligence of the heart is the awakened functions of the soul - the qualities that evolve gradually through intuition and reveal the soul’s divine gifts. The ‘target’ or goal of the Sixth Sense is not the rational, emotional and mental faculties of man, but rather the awakening and merging faculties of the soul and spirit within the consciousness of man. 

The Kingdom of God is the ultimate reality. Its splendour is always around us, and it is only our blindness that prevents us from seeing the wonder of it and living in it. The door to the Kingdom, to an interconnected relationship of the Divine with all things, lies always open, said Jesus. ‘The Kingdom is inside you’, said He. The Kingdom is here, in the present: when we wake up to the Kingdom inside us, in our innermost consciousness, we realise the potential presence of the Kingdom in all of reality. Jesus lived and perceived life in such a way that God’s Kingdom was fully present to him. Gandhi said, ‘God speaks to us every day, only we don’t know how to listen’. The Hindus greet each other by bowing with folded hands against the breastbone, saying ‘Namaste’. This mini-ceremony means: ‘I salute the Divinity within you’. The God who made the world does not live in shrines made by human hands; He exists as the breath of life of everything. God is infused into the world, incarnate in the here and now, at the heart of everything. God is the basis of reality itself, in which we live and move and have our being – through images, sounds, tastes, smells and touch, as well as ideas, thoughts, insights and memories. Often when we hear of someone experiencing or perceiving God’s presence, God’s grace, we believe that the person can ‘see’ or ‘hear’ that presence or grace. We talk of someone sensing God’s love as if it is an intuition or a mental image. But, the scriptures say, ‘realising’ God is quite unlike all these things. It is about a direct experience of the Holy, which is beyond all sense and understanding. How one enters these very subtle levels of intuition cannot be explained or shown, since these refined senses are in themselves levels of consciousness and inner paths of knowledge and enlightenment. The only way we could describe and comprehend these subtleties would be by developing our own intuitive faculties. The job of the preacher is not to impart experiences of grace to the hearer. Every person, every thing, already has direct experience of the Holy, all the time. As Rumi wrote, “Every instant a revelation from heaven comes to our innermost souls.” We just don’t notice. So the job of a sermon or an anthem or worship is simply to help raise these experiences, which we already have, to the surface of awareness. The role of a spiritual community is not to tell people what to see, but how to see. And our own role is to nurture our Sixth Sense, a sense that allows us, as human beings, to feel God directly. In fact religion should be about developing our Sixth Sense, by calling us to develop our spiritual selves and experience the very presence of God. Spiritual experience is not about the one who sees, or about ‘seeing’; it is about ‘sensing’ something that has been there all the time. For realising this spiritual experience, it is we who need to change, not God. Some religious traditions refer to this as the development of the ‘Third Eye’ or the ‘Inner Eye’ (which lies between our eyes, on the forehead). This seems to be a metaphor for the contemplative, mystical way of ‘seeing’ and ‘experiencing’ the Sixth Sense. Developing the Sixth Sense, seeing with the Inner Eye, is a special skill, which takes immense effort – of prayer, contemplation, meditation, study and spiritual practice.

Dr. Rajesh Bhola is President of Spastic Society of Gurgaon and is working for the cause of children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, mental retardation and multiple disabilities for more than 30 years. He can be contacted at



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