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  • May 30, 2014




The victory of Rao Inderjit Singh in the Gurgaon Lok Sabha constituency in such an emphatic manner is also being interpreted by his close confidante GL Sharma as the representation of people's anger on the discrimination with this region for at least the last decade, with the Congress govt. focused on serving the CM’s areas only. Sharma, who is believed to have been instrumental in charting out the strategy for Rao Inderjit's exit from the Congress, asserts that it was indifference of the Congress party at both the State and the Centre, which forced them to take the decision of leaving the Party, along with his leader, Rao Inderjit. "No doubt it was a risky decision and the future was uncertain, but we decided to take a principled stand because the people were suffering and we could do nothing," asserts Sharma. In his opinion, while the Lok Sabha result was more due to the unhappiness with the Congress, the coming State polls will show an even more massive support of the local populace for Rao Inderjit Singh. "We are going to win in at least 30 assembly seats where Rao Saheb has direct and indirect influence, and this is going to change the face of politics in Haryana," asserts Sharma. In his opinion Prime Minister Modi could also play an important in the elections, as he understands well the politics of Haryana, having worked in the State for a long time with the RSS. Modi knows that politics in Haryana is peculiar in the sense that it is tends to get centred more around politicians (than about issues). "The elevation of Rao Saheb to the Cabinet also means that he might be entrusted with the task of leading BJP in the State polls. If this happens we have the best chance to form the first BJP government in the State," says Sharma. This time it will at least be a dominant partner in the run up to the elections.

"The farmers in the State, the apartment buyers as also the common man – all are today being robbed in one way or the other. Where is justice?" he asks. “While many people of the State united under the banner of Haryana Insaaf Manch, Rao Saheb knew that if we fought the election alone there would be a division of votes. He was also influenced and impressed by the strong leadership of Narendra Bhai Modi, and this is the reason we joined the BJP. Today it is the only Party that can give a stable government to the State. It is because of Rao Saheb that the Congress has been wiped out in entire South Haryana. "The Modi effect no doubt was most evident in Gurgaon and Badshahpur, which voted their hearts out for the BJP, " he says. “To win the upcoming State elections, the BJP has to start preparing from today. When we joined the BJP there was apprehension that the old party workers and seniors would be sidelined, but we have ensured that everyone has been an equal partner in this victory. It takes time to assimilate in a new culture and organization, but the workers and supporters of Rao Inderjit have the patience and the discipline to work under any dispensation that is oriented towards the growth, development and prosperity to Haryana - and particularly Gurgaon. Right from his entry into BJP, Rao Saheb had made it amply clear that we were a part of the BJP family led by Narendra Bhai Modi, and our conduct has proved that we are disciplined foot-soldiers,” he asserts. Sharma also says that the efforts made by INLD candidate Zakir Hussain to polarise the electorate in Mewat led to a situation where the Hindus in the region were motivated to vote en bloc for the BJP. He says that politicians need to understand that the nation is above any religion, and this kind of politics should end. 

Like his political mentor, Sharma is also very unhappy with some Party leaders and activists who worked against the interests of the Party candidate due to self-interest. "The Party needs to take a strong stand against such leaders and we have identified them. If action is not taken against such people then we are going to face more problems in the State polls," he says. Sharma is particularly peeved that certain Party functionaries in Gurgaon worked in tandem with the ruling party to cause harm to the poll prospects of Rao Saheb. “Reports on these leaders have been sent to the Party seniors," he says. He adds significantly that the role played by RSS in the polls would be crucial, and this organisation needs to be demystified for the common man. “The primary goal of RSS is to promote a national spirit among the people of India. It wants the people to be proud of their motherland. While closely working with them we have realised that this sangh aims to build an army of Indian nationalists," says Sharma. When asked about his own political plans, Sharma says that he has always been serving the people of Gurgaon and Haryana, and if the Party leadership decides to give him additional responsibility, he will be ready for it.



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