World Children Expo

  • Shilpy Arora
  • India
  • May 24, 2013



There were painting workshops, story-telling sessions, quiz shows – with a bonus of shopping and eating on offer. The World Children Expo (WCE) offered many activity-packed sessions, and showcased that there are several ways to learn – and still have with fun.

For four-year-old Ashmeet, listening to a story is more enjoyable than reading one. He came to WCE to attend an interactive Story-telling session. Namit, 15, was excited to participate in an Intelligence Quiz, as it would help him during his college admission after Class 12th. More than 5,000 kids participated in the World Children Expo – each with their own aspirations and goals, and of course those of their parents.

WCE aims to provide a platform for learning, entertainment and commerce. While the Expo allows top corporates and emerging start-ups to showcase their children-centric brands, various educative and fun activities are planned for the children, so that they can have a great time during their vacations. Namit says, “There was not a single dull moment at the Expo, as it offered many interesting activities and workshops and opportunities to meet and greet cartoon characters, besides various options for shopping.” Many companies today target children, especially teenagers, in a big way. It was apparent through the association of the world’s top companies - like Microsoft and ZeeQ - with WCE.

ZeeQ Kid Zone

ZeeQ offered an array of interactive and engaging activities – Balloon Maths, Puzzle games, Larger than Life Scrabble, English Word Match, and Multiple Intelligence quiz – for kids as well as parents. “Children these days have little interest for simple educative games; they are extremely hooked-on to games that feature fighter planes and superheroes. I hope the ZeeQ session has helped them experience the joy of playing simple games,” said Radhika Chandra, a parent.

Technology has impacted the children’s reading habits greatly; many of them do not have the patience to sit and read a book. ZeeQ has therefore designed a few educative programmes, such as Amar Chitra Katha Heroes, Sid the Science Kid, Teenovation, Science with Brain Café, Cyberchase and Weekly Wrap, to revive the children’s interest in books. “I used to narrate folklore to my children. However, today they have no place in any school’s curriculum. Children only seem to enjoy stories that involve violence and glamour. There is no better way than Amar Chitra Katha to introduce our folklore to this generation,” felt Shobha Bhatia, a 61-year-old woman, who attended WCE with her grandchildren.


For Parents

Parentune conducted a unique workshop for parents. Named as “Raising happy children”, the Workshop was conducted by a panel comprising a child psychologist, and parenting and child development experts. It helped parents learn about the tools and methods for raising their children. Besides, with the help of various games and quizzes, parents were encouraged to understand the emotional needs of their children.

Xbox Gaming Zone

The official gaming partner for WCE, Microsoft Interactive Entertainment, had set up a special Game Zone for kids and their families. Talking about the positive response, Anshu Mor, the Business Group Head, said, “It was heartening to see the great response we got from the kids and their parents at the Gaming Zone. They experienced motion-sensing gaming, and really appreciated the wholesome family entertainment offered by the Xbox 360 platform.” From dancing to playing sports, and even getting some fitness tips, the Xbox Gaming Zone turned out to be a perfect fun destination for the whole family.

Fashion Show

A kiddie Fashion Show, organised by My Little Hanger, saw the tiny tots gracefully walking the ramp, and showcasing colourful dresses while flashing brilliant smiles. Owner and Designer at My Little Hanger, Akriti Arora, was so smitten with the performance of the little ones that she joined them on the ramp. “It feels so nice to see these tiny tots flaunting the ethnic and modern dresses so confidently. I want to thank WCE for providing us an opportunity to be a part of such a successful Expo,” said Akriti. Young parents, who usually go to lengths to dress up their bundles of joy in stylish outfits, were happy with the wide-variety of designer wear on offer by My Little Hanger. The Fashion highlighted the fashion needs of today’s kids.

A Creative corner

While having fun, the kids also had a chance to explore their creative sides, as Hallmark had organised a Designer Card contest and a Painting competition. The kids painted lovely green landscapes, crafted little greeting cards and made creative items with balloons - at the Balloon Twisting Workshop, conducted by Party 1 World.

The Expo was abuzz with all kinds of kiddie products - from healthcare, film and animation tools, gaming devices and toys, to board games, food and beverages, furniture items and informative textbooks and magazines. “Apart from seeing regular items like apparel and stationary, there are a number of books and CDs offering educative and interactive content for kids,” said Hema, who bought more than 15 books at the Expo.

Children also enjoyed the special Carnival. The excited kids were awestruck by the images and characters displayed at the Carnival area. They danced with their favourite cartoon characters and were happy to talk to the volunteers about them. Garfield, coming for the first time, was a hit.

“While we parents and teachers often discourage children from spending time on Facebook or playing video games, we do not provide them worthwhile alternatives. WCE has exhibited many other ways to have fun. We must have more such events in the City, that focus on children” said Sumit Dikshit, a teacher at Blue Bells



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