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  • Aalok Wadhwa
  • India
  • Oct 21, 2011
CLASSIC COMBO: The delectable Laal Maas is served with Bajra Roti


Cafe  Delhi Heights

GL - 121/123, Cross Point,
DLF Phase-IV, Gurgaon 

Ph. No.: 0124-4119797

Cuisine: Mediterranean, European and

Indian; Breakfast

Timing: 9.00 am onwards



As I enter Café Delhi Heights, I notice that the sign on the door says ‘pull/push—whateva’. The decor inside is funky. The café is divided into three sections—Indian, Mediterranean and European. The Indian side has servers sporting nametags like Raju, Goloo and Bhaiya; while those on the occidental side are called Enrique, Andy, Bryan and Paul).  As I sit in an attractive booth that has its own wall-mounted television, I can’t but help noticing small, quirky little touches all over the café. They add to the anticipation of the food. 

First to arrive on the table is a chilled glass of mint-flavoured water. Refreshed, I take a look at the vast menu. Confused by its many choices, I seek the help of Chef Netar Singh, who seems to love everything on the menu—but does give some helpful suggestions.  

To start with, I try a couple of dishes from the café’s thoughtfully created tasting menu. The service is ultra quick, and soon to arrive is the café’s spin on a Mediterranean classic. 

The colourful looking Herbed Hummus Platter (Rs 155) has three different takes on hummus—the regular, a beetroot one, and a pesto variant—served with warm pita bread. The taste of the trio matches the professional presentation, which is top rate. 



FRESH & FUNKY: CafÈ Delhi Heights offers variety; in food as well as decor


The Grilled Fish Platter (Rs 175)—with three morsels each, with a butter garlic, ginger and spring onion sauce—is fresh and flavourful. The accompanying no-hangover Mojito Mocktail (Rs 155) is tangy and friendly.

The café is buzzing with diners, and many of them seem to be ordering the substantial looking Juicy Lucy Burger (Rs 295), a dish the chef seems very proud of. Of course I have to have one too. 

Up close, the burger looks good enough to feed a small family. And this lucy is truly juicy. 

Here is two hundred and fifty grams of fresh lamb mince, with a cheese and jalapeno stuffing, in a soft sesame seed burger bun. I open my jaw as wide as I can, and bite into the beast. With the stuffing I devour oozing into my mouth, this meaty perfection.

To sample the Indian section, I try the chef recommended Lal Maas with Bajra Roti (Rs 375). The dish bears no resemblance to the Rajasthani delicacy, but has well cooked meat—which interestingly pairs well with the rough texture of the roti. 

The menu has a lot of variety for the vegetarians as well. Notable are the Moroccan Stew of Vegetables, with preserved Lemon Saffron Couscous (Rs 325), Mushroom Stroganoff (Rs 275), and Cheese & Fresh Asparagus Risotto (Rs 275).

It is time to take this indulgence to its logical conclusion—the dessert. The chef-recommended Chocolat Fondant (Rs 175) is wicked.  

What looks like a petite size cake is actually a bomb of silky melting chocolate; and a perfectly satisfying end to a meal. 

Visit Café Delhi Heights for its ambience and its attitude. And, yes, it’s variety of food. 


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