Gurgaon Speaks Up - Rest In Peace ‘Damini’

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  • Jan 04, 2013

 Girls/women should be taught to fight and professional training should be introduced at school level itself.

Nilotpala Dutta


Mere vichar se sabhi bhartiyon ke liye sochne ka din hai ki hamen milkar aise apradhiyon se kaise nipatna hai. Kyunki hum sabke ghar mein ma behan hain. Main dukhi man se aaj keh raha hun ki mujhe aisa Bharat nahin chahiye.

Mayaram (Mewat)


Mahilayon ki suraksha ka behatar intazaam hona chahiye.

Ravinder, Patna


It is shocking news for everybody. We want some great action form the govt. of India. Stupid statements won’t be accepted now. I demand the govt. solve all pending rape cases in a fixed time frame. I have decided not to celebrate New Year.

Sandeep Puri


R.I.P brave heart! Your life and sacrifice will not be wasted. The act committed is heinous and it is time the government wakes up and takes some concrete action.

Soumya Gulati


I salute you Braveheart! Your sacrifice will not go waste. You have sown the seed of courage among millions of Indian girls & youths. Rest in Peace...

Ajoy Tiwari


Govt, has so far dealt with symptoms as and when they appear. It suffers from the very disease itself. It shall never ever learn while coming to terms with a yet newer situation, forgetting Ruchika, Nithari, and rapes galore.

Dr. S.C Talwar


Poorna desh ko ladki ki maut ka bahut dukh hai. Main samvedna vyakt karta hun. Aur param pitah parmatma se prarthana karta hun. Is desh ki beti ko apne charanon mein sthan do. Parivaar ko sahan karne ki shakti do. Aur aise darindon ko sarkar sakht se sakht saza de. Aage aisa phir na ho. Hum sab ko milkar aisi burayi ka mukabla karna chahiye.

J.N. Mangla


We need to not give up! Because thats what the Government is waiting for! The 6 demons who savaged Nirbhaya need public execution and so do all the accused in rape cases. Mass public executions for all till date.

Vanita Dhanoa Dutta

I am here not to sympathise with Nirbhaya. She needed none. She fought and resisted the best she could. I want the govt. to get shaken out of slumber and eschew apathy and provide honest governance.

V.K Singh



My view is that each one of us has to change our own selves before blaming others. While government does have responsibility but who will change the mindset of the men and the status of women in society except ourselves. Hope we use this movement to self reflect and change.

Rama Chawla


We are here to mark our protest against the inhuman act carried out by six barbaric men on an unsuspecting innocent woman. Nirbhaya is one of the many 100s of women who get raped, assaulted everyday. Please bring corporal punishment which will deter every man before he touches a woman. R.I.P Nirbhaya. We hope you would be the last of this kind of torturous assault on a woman’s mind, soul, body!

Mrs. & Mr. Rizvi


I feel ashamed to be part of a society where people can stoop to this level of inhuman acts as rape and murder of this brutal kind.

Cmdr Pradeep Khanna (Retd.)


The Braveheart is in a safe place. It is upon us to ensure that there is real progress to make women safer, year on year. As Mother Teresea said, ‘Every drop makes the ocean’ – so let’s do our bit.

Prema Sagar


God bless your soul. Unless electoral reforms are done, nothing, I repeat, nothing will happen.

Col. R.C Chadha


This situation is not acceptable. Makes the women of the country feel disgusted & unsafe. I am a teenage youth of this country & because of the recent turn of events I’m scared to leave my house alone. Its time such b***ds are punished severely! It’s HIGH TIME the government takes strict action.

Kashneet Kaur


The cause has to gather momentum, the nation has to give a befitting reply to the cheap vote bank politics. It is a responsibility that we should not restrict ourselves to our drawing rooms. We must come out and participate in all the elections. The literate persons must come out to participate in the democratic process.

Dr. R.N. Wahi


What do I say about this brave girl and this most shameful incident? Immaculate mid-term and long-term changes have to be made. As a lawyer, I particularly feel saddened and angry at the completely inept law enforcement and judicial processes which have failed to deliver consistently. Free the police from political interference; enhance the judiciary in numbers and quality; get more cops on the road-COP stands for ‘Corporal On Patrol’. Where are they? Parliament needs to change the law and procedure forthwith. Certainty of punishment is more important than severity. Let us go ahead as a nation with this agenda.  Let the spirit of this girl live forever. Let us not forget her.

Jyoti Sagar


We stand here not only for the present incident of the crime committed against the girl but also for all other crimes/incidents like the murder of Toll Gate boy, NHAI Engineer, recent BMW hit-and-run case and so on, where we as citizens and our government failed to take action.

Ananya and Sudip Nag


Desh ro raha hai, paap ka ghada bhar gaya. Jaagrukh aap se naari safal ho jaayegi. Sarkar ko badalna hoga. Naya Bharat banega.  Anth hoga khushhaal. 

Dr. L. Sharma


Extremely sad. Completely uncalled for. Please Wake Up & bring the culprits to the death row. No easy death. Please torture them before they die.

Bhavna Bhalla


We will not let your death go in vain. You have shown and opened the path for all the girls in our country. Salute you!!!



Nirbhaya- You were the spark that lit a blaze. A blaze that will become an inferno that will douse the prejudices and injustices that have ruled our country. You did not die in vain. You have inspired many. May you rest in peace assured that we will continue the war you started.

Gautam Gulati, World Spa


I find it absolutely shameful that 50% of our country’s population is not safe. It is about time that we all hold hands and come out in public and stand up for the right reasons. The country can change only if we all take responsibility of making our world a better place to live. Let’s stop blaming the government and drive CHANGE.

Uttara Pattanaik


It’s truly bad what has happened. Everybody knows that. Even our so-called Chief Minister & the govt. of India which is supposed to protect the interests of the citizens, protect the citizens from such types of nightmares. Now, what is it that stops them from giving punishment to the accused? I think that they are just waiting for some VIP’s daughter to get raped!



Hamare desh ke liye woh samay hai ki humein apna balidaan de kar hi naya kanooon banana hoga.



It’s a shame for our country which always talks about values and culture. Boycott Republic Day Parade this year as Govt. doesn’t want mass gathering.



I take the responsibility to protect women. We all should join hands and make our world a better place to live.

Aditya, UK


This is not acceptable.

Amit Jain


The gatherings in the wake of this brutal action are the awakening of the people of this country. Our suppressed emotions on all the issues of this country are coming out. We should keep the fire burning and work towards the betterment of the society & the country. We belong to a great culture & should remember that and bring about the change. Else we are in for a big civil disobedience movement in the country. This problem needs to be addressed on several fronts. So lets take up 10 points and work towards it to achieve what we have gathered for. I am available with my time for whatever needs to be done.

Mohan Narayanaswamy


Aise adhanya apradh ki sazaa maut ki sazaa se kam nahin honi chahiye. Yeh sazaa na hi keval apraadhi ko sazaa dega balki poore samaaj ke liye ek seekh hogi jisse koi bhi aisi harkat karne ki jurrrat bhi na kar sake.



The torture you have gone through, no daughters of India should go through the same. We hope your demise will not go waste and awake the consciousness of all Indians and people will learn to be humane irrespective of any gender.

Anita C

Janta apne naitik dayitvon ke prati poori tarah se kartavyanishhth rahe. Shaasan aur prashaasan apraadhiyon ke prati poori tarah se sakth ho jaayen toh nishchith taur par desh ke andar apradihin ki vyavastha ho. Nischith taur par bilkul ho jaayegi. Apraadhiyon ke andar shaasan aur prashaasan ka khauff hona zaroori hai.

Dilip Kumar Sharma


We all have to make a difference as citizens of the nation and get out of our comfort zones to be all together. It’s high time we raised our voices and started respecting women. Let’s all get together and be one.

Sapna & Ashwani Anand


Let’s stand together in this hour and remember this braveheart. One cannot say enough about this horrendous and violent crime. It is not only about rape but also about the extreme brutality of the incident. What must have sparked off so much of violence in a person so young?

Shobha Chadda


Braveheart girl, you will be alive in our lives always. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. Rest in Peace.



Yeh kaayarta ki hadh hai. Isliye inko sare aam phaansi di jaaye. Aur desh ke kanoon ki paalna sakhti se ki jaaye. Aur fast track court banayi jaaye. Aur inka jaldi niptaara kiya jaaye. 



A memorial to the Braveheart should be made just like Rajghat or Shaktisthal and a fastrack court and rape crisis centre should be made at her memorial so that the police and judiciary remember this horrible rape every time they bring a case to this court.

Amina Sherwani


Words cannot express the anger and fear that lives in the minds and hearts of women in India. Who is responsible? The parents who prefer boys and are proud of their sons’ indiscipline?The police who cannot control crime and probably support by being corrupt? The politicians who in their selfish pursuit of power prefer to keep people illiterate and ignorant?

Preety Kumar


The whole nation of 1,25 billion people has been shamed. The govt. Oo the day should call Parliament session and make effective laws so that such things are never repeated. Let us all synergise this energy and get something effective. May the Braveheart soul rest in peace & in our heart.



May her soul rest in peace. May sexual harassment  or any rape issue be a highlight all over India. Let us be bold enough to gather this same way as we gather today to raise our voice for the safety of women. As for punishment, the guilty should be hanged till death.

Paban Upadhyaya


We won’t say that the girl has died. We will put it as ‘The girl has moved to a place where rapes don’t take place’. Peace!

Nandini Anand


We, the educated middle class, need to awaken from our comfort-induced slumber if we are to prevent such a ghastly incident from recurring. Whether or not we succeed in changing the quality of our elected representatives, we must at least make the bureaucracy accountable. It requires effort & perseverance which we are not prepared to do. Let’s do it. Let’s step out at least once a week, spend at least an hour a week, in civic initiatives that seek to make the administration (civic, police, judiciary) accountable.

Priya V.K Singh


I pledge not to let your death go unanswered. RIP

Shalini Venugopal


Hope to see a new/fresh ray of light with this movement. May her soul rest in peace. Aameen

Asif Siddiqui


What a country have we made- and you are the symbol for all that is wrong in us. For India and we as people- we all have a role, a role where we did not raise our voices. In every single instance where a wrong was perpetrated. Here is hoping that this is the start of change.



I hope these protests bring about a change. Chemical castration is the only way to go. Time for a mid-term election. Total dictatorship for the next few years.

Ruchi Sawhney


It’s really shame for the nation and to mankind. Culprits should be tortured in the same manner they tortured the little girl.

Vidyadharan & Sunitha


We pray from the inner heart, that you will always be alive in our hearts. The raists must be given a very severe punishment so that this incident is not repeated again in any part of the world..



RIP Damini. We really need a strict action regarding this accident. Please send those b****ds to Saudi Arabia or else make such policy in India.



God give courage to all. It is sad that a tragedy has awakened the conscience of the nation. High time it did. There is a future, everyone needs to pledge solidarity to keep this issue alive. The guilty must be made into models to be deterrents to the like-minded criminals. They must be tortured to death as they did to Nirbhaya. Amen

Prabha Prabhakar Bhardwaj


It was not the rape of just the young girl – it was the rape of the conscience of the people of India.

Atul Dev


We must fix the root cause. Time for action now.



Our tribute to the angel should be: To get united; remain united; raise our voice- to terminate this injustice being done to women. And raise the face value of our Mother India.





I really find this very shameful. Not only this case, there are  numbers of cases which are never reported. They all should be given full justice. I feel political will is lacking & they are not bothered what is happening to common people. They are just concerned about the votes/money. Very shameful.







The grief, the shows, the haplessness, the fury, the embarrassment, the sheer audacity of your efforts contrasting with our emotions – You are. Shall always be a leading light, a torch bearer for rest of us.

















U have sacrificed your life for a revolution of change in India. Thank U. May your soul rest in peace.
Dr. Gandhi


pray to god for the departed soul. The deed done was very












bad in terms of humanity. I cried when I heard & read about the facts. I respect u & we should be united that this should not happen  again. 



Arvinder Pal Singh


My freedom is in the light,

My freedom is in the dust of my land;
in its green grasses”


From this moment on EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE.

No more lies!

No more Hypocrisy!

No more Commodification of women!

Mothers-Educate your spoilt sons – Cherish and protect your daughter!

Prayers and pranams, Nirbhaya-Shakti.

Srimati Lal

It is a shame. Shall India continue to live in shame?

M.C. Gupta

“No More Please”

Have stricter laws with visible actions. I as a man, as a father, as a son, as a husband am ashamed of our kind for doing something inhuman. This movement is for life & not just this time.


Pawas Anand


Time has come for our political class to think very seriously to take action in changing or making new laws for protection of woman and also of the people. The mind set must change, otherwise the people will make sure that this is done peacefully and with exemplary unity.God bless ‘HER’ soul.


A.N Mehta


Yeh ghatna sari rashtra ke liya sharamnak hai. Sarkar ko wade aur dilase dene ki bajaye ek dam determent kanoon lagu karne chahiya.



Jagdish Chand bajaj 


It is a great shame. We all hang our heads in shame for the brutality caused to the innocent girl. She has awakened all of us and slept herself for ever. Wish her soul rests in peace. 


Cdr (Retd) Dharam Yadav


I just hope and sincerely pray that the soul awakening you have caused remains alive till change in the social psyche is achieved. May your soul rest in peace.





Rest in Peace young lady hope the movement against crime doesn’t die & govt wakes up. We have All let you down


Rattan Keswani


Fansi hi unki sahi saja hai.  Chahe kuch bhi kanoon ho. Hame dharam nahi dekhna bas fansi.




We pray and hope that India sees the light and looks at women with respect




It is very shameful. We must improve our thoughts about women. Respect women.

Harinder Anand


As a child, I do not know too much about this. But one thing shall always be clear to me. The responsibility of the country, its people and the government, is to be accountable of what they are meant to do , and believe in total equality amongst all peers, friends and people of the country. 

So lastly, I say that change is what is necessary, but it is all our job, to make a new mindset and think more about our country than ourselves. We must believe in change and trust me, working together shall bring just that.


Arnav Gulati


This is not acceptable not tolerable.  Shame to all for this act. We should answer it should not happen again.


Raman Sharma & Servesh Joon


You lite up the fire in people’s dead soul. We will make sure it continues burning and results in the change that you and all of us need.


S K 


An agitated and shocked me asks for awakening of other consciences, wish peace for the departed soul and “law of castration” in place at the earliest. 


Atul Sood


Crime against women should be stopped. Respect women and serve for humanityRIP Damini – God save the soul.


Preetam R


I pledge to support every move to make my country & the women of my country feel free and fearless.


Shweta Verma


Let this be the last crime ever commited on earth on woman


T N Kaul


Dear Damini your sacrifice should not go waste. We are all with you .


Y S Chauhan


If we want to stop this in future sufficient no. of police should be deployed on field duty.


Sawtanter Kumar


We all are equally responsible for the incidents.


Abhay Jain


Don’t abuse girls they too are human. Respect.


Ruchia Bhasin Bhatnagar


It grieves us to see the plight of our nation. All of india’s glory is over because of indians. We ourselves are going back in time & becoming animals again. These people should be so severely punished that no one ever dares to do such ever again.


Jaskiran Kaur


We are very grieved what happened. Girls & Women of any age are not secure. The people of such kind should be hanged in public after beating with stones.





You are an inspiration to the nation! We will carry the message of justice forward




RIP to victim, our condolences will always be with you. Culprit should be penalized with brutal death. Should have to be given just justice. It may secure the girl in future.




In haiwanon ko phansi say bhi badhkar saza dehni chahiya. Inke liye phansi bhi kam hai. Sareaam jo bhi saza de, Jis se aise ghinone kaam karne wale bhi sambhal jayen or jindagi mein aisi harkat na kar payen.


Veena Gorai


Dear Damini, 


I hope and pray that your sacrifice will not be in vain. A society & country that cannot protect its women has no right to call itself a society or a country




You have gone but you have awakened the consciousness of the whole nation what many top leaders could not do during past over sixty years. You will be remembered always by every self respecting indian. 


Col. B K Dhawan


We want justice. Now time for justice, We will never tolerate what happened to you. God kindly open our politician’s eyes.




All MPs and MLAs that are alleged to be involved in some crime (any) with any pending case must be removed. It would upset the current rotten apple-cart.




Condolence to the family. India demands Death Sentence for rapists.




Sanjay Banka


You shall live forever.


Col S.S Oberoi


We at Roop Group condemn this act. This pace should not be stopped.


Anil Jain


Your sacrifice will not go waste. We shall take it forward and fight till justice is done.



Anjali Srivastava


Jis desh mein naari ko sarvachh sthan diya jaata hai wahan gangrape ghinona apraadh hai. Hamen samaj mein shiksha laani hai, sanskar jagane hain aur suraksha vyavastha ke baare mein sochna hai jahaan thane na bikte hon aur vardi mein neta paise na khaate hon. Rape ke shikariyon ke prati haardik shradhanjali.


V.K Gaur





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