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  • Nov 30, 2012

Young Donors
A Blood Donation Camp was organized at Ansal University Campus, Sector-55. Around 210 students and Faculty/Staff members of Ansal University enthusiastically participated in the Camp, and donated blood. There were long queues of blood donors, waiting patiently to do their bit for the welfare of society. It was heartening to see that Ansal University, in addition to achieving the donor target, succeeded in infusing the spirit of participation amongst so many students – for a cause. A Poster making competition was also organised, to encourage students to donate blood and be a part of this noble cause. 

ITM Scholarship Drive

Over 200 students were given scholarships worth Rs. 1.3 crores at the Scholarship distribution ceremony of ITM University. The Chief Guest, Jagannath Pahadia, Governor of Haryana distributed the scholarships  to help the financially and socially disadvantaged among the meritorious students. These scholarships have been instituted by ITM University to bring quality education within the reach of every student, irrespective of his/her financial or social status. Prof. Prem Vrat, Vice Chancellor of ITM University, said, “ITM University is proud to be one of the first private technical universities in Haryana, and offers various undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes under the School of Engineering and Technology, School of Management and School of Law.”


Rural Illumina

Illumina is organised by the B-school Management Development Institute (MDI) students every year, to fathom the mindset of consumers, and familiarise themselves with market trends and business problems. This year, to understand the mindset of rural consumers, MDI students conducted a disguised market research in Pataudi village. While students got valuable lessons in management, the corporate (this year, Berger Paints) got invaluable insights for its brands. Illumina was conducted in the form of a ‘khela’, or a short interactive play, for the village folk. Through this play the villagers were profiled according to demographics, and the responses were collected for analysis.


So You Think You Love Math?

Yes guys, it’s mathematics

Of which we don’t even know the basics

Better it is to stare at hot guys and chicks

Than to study books as heavy as bricks...


Sometimes I sit down and wonder why did I opt for math (hons); or, why did any of us opt for it? Well, when math was a nightmare for most of my friends in Class XII, it worked as a stress buster for me. And I guess busting my stress is all I did in my preparatory leaves – since I managed a score above 95 only in math!


One thing that fascinates me about math is that it is present everywhere. Just look around and trust me, you don’t actually need a mathematician’s eyes for that.

In your room’s ceilings

Or your balcony’s railings

Even your texting or mailings

And yes, even in your feelings…

I guess math should have been born with the tagline “wherever you go, I follow”… because that is what it actually does. There is math even in the reading that you are doing this very second. It’s your poor heart working on the innumerable calculations to make this black print readable!

 Though my love affair with math has hit the rocks at graduation level, due to the big difficulty leap forward, there is still hope that it may come back in my glory sometime soon.

I’m feeling like the immortal grandma in Ekta Kapoor’s serials, who remains of the same size and shape while other characters take a time leap of 10 years.

I shall overcome... some day.


Ashita Modi

Sector 7, Gurgaon





















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