...So Shall You Reap

  • Ashita Modi
  • India
  • Nov 23, 2012

There is darknes al arnd


an eerie silence that lulls


alone on a cold bench i sit


with no lamp arnd me lit


a sulking feeling i have


as if sumthng hs jst broken apart


a part of me i lose evryday


a part of me u lose everynite


i cnt feel my hands and feet


numb,they r as cold as ice.


With my skin gone pale white


i sit blankly wid watery eyes


what u see is the tip of an iceberg


an avalanche is building inside


im trying 2 curb it wid al my might


its vry existence gives me fright


the days shrink, the nights expand


a ghostly shadow covers the entire land


a fear has set inside me


scary it is, no ray of hope i see


with eyes ful of pain and terror


i desperately search al around


alas! all my endeavours in vain


not even a single soul i find


Love and warmth i need


emotions try and explode


but numbness overpowers me


it clutches me hard,i am no more free


a bitter cold wind blows


it cuts acros my flesh, my thoughts


i wrap inside me more


as d wind scarily howls.


My body is numb wid cold


i start 2walk... My heart stil warm


i have no roof over me


nt even a hay barn


as i walk ahead


a litle girl merily catches up


with starry eyes and angelic smile


she whispers into my ear


‘what u sow... Is wat u reap.. dear...’





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  • awsum

  • Ashish Jan 29, 2013

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