Laughing Stock

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  • India
  • Oct 15, 2011

A negative person sees the glass of water
half empty

A positive person sees it half full

But a realistic person adds 60ml whisky to it and says Cheers!


When people do “ooh” and “aah” from 9am to 5 pm, it is Sensex!


We are not the only ones who hate a long working week; after Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says W Th F!


Banta was asked to explain in English – 'Dukh hamesha saath rehta hai, magar khushi aati jaati rehti hai'

Banta – My wife is always with me, but her sister comes and goes


A gay asked the priest – “Father, is homosexuality against Christians norms?”. The priest replied, “My child, God created Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve.”


Santa – Bhabhi ka kya naam hai?

Banta – Google Kaur

Santa – Kyun?

Banta – Ek sawaal karo, 10 jawaab miltay hain


Terrorism is now standardized

It has an ISI mark!


What is fashion designing?

Too many brains working on too little clothes with too many ideas on how to cover too
little areas


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