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  • Shilpy Arora / FG
  • India
  • Oct 26, 2012

When Angad Singh, 16, decided to participate in a competition, Youth Power, where everyone had to work on a social cause, little did he know that in just six months it would motivate him to form an NGO, Discover I. Currently a student of Grade X of Amity International School, Angad Singh, along with his school mates, Gautam Gupta, Sheffi Tiwari, and Vathul M. Balasubramanian visits slums and selects children, to train them in various fields such as dance, music, arts and craft

Based on the lines of the blockbuster movie, “Taare Zameen Par”,  Discover I believes that every child is special. “In India, parents and school teachers always emphasise the importance of education. However, there is a need to enquire the interest of the child also,” says Angad. Sheffi Tiwari seconds that and says, “At Discover I, we believe that the poor children also have certain hidden talents. It is just that the 'poor' children fail to enhance and showcase their talent due to other priorities in their lives. Our society cannot grow until the talent in the underprivileged is noticed and recognised by the society.”

How it works

Discover I organises various camps and activities across the City, to make sure that the talent among the underprivileged is brought to light. “We go to various slums and schools for the underprivileged to conduct events such as summer camps, painting competitions, and exhibitions, to bring out the talent. After finding the talent, we get in touch with experts in the respective fields, who provide support to these kids,” says a teacher who is working as a volunteer with Discover I.

The students conduct regular dance and singing classes at Amity International School in the evenings. Maumil, 11, who has been living on the street for the last nine years, is gifted with a melodious voice. At Discover I, he had a chance to participate in various inter-school singing competitions. “Of six, Maumil won five competitions,” says Raja, the proud mother of Maumil, who was earlier reluctant to send her child for the evening classes. Like Maumil, there are over 40 children selected by the group to attend regular classes. 

Sport is another focus area. Discover I helps enroll poor kids in the Sports Days of reputed schools in the City. It not only gives them an opportunity to showcase their skills, but also helps other children learn about their physical strength. “Most of the underprivileged children are good at sports. The problem is they don’t get nutritious food, and the time to practice and pursue their interest”, feels a doctor who provides free medical aid to the poor children at Discover I.

Apart from providing the best facilities, Discover I regularly sets up stalls in schools and nearby locations, to sell the artwork made by underprivileged kids. 

This small group of four founders and five volunteers spreads the awareness about the events by distributing brochures. Nirmal, an underprivileged child, sold her artworks in a mega Craft Mela last year. “Last Diwali I made diyas, cards, and shagun envelopes with recycled material. I sold more than a dozen, and earned Rs. 800,” says Nirmal, who is eagerly waiting for the upcoming Diwali Mela.

The Team 

While Sheffi teaches drawing and other creative arts to the children, Angad takes on the responsibility of managing logistics for the organisation. Gautam and Vathul manage  the internet interface and public relations respectively.  


Being a young team, Discover I has to face many challenges –  such as lack of funds, lack of time, and lack of recognition from the society. Gautam, who seems upset that people don’t take his project seriously, says, “My parents and teachers are very supportive. But it seems society doesn’t recognise the efforts of young students. Media, for instance, has hardly given any coverage to our initiative”. 

Despite this, the Discover I team carries out the NGO work at different locations across the City. Due to the tremendous hard work and zeal of these young students, many local NGOs are coming forward to offer funds and volunteership. Angad informs that due to the support from his School and various local bodies, they have recently made a formal registration of Discover I – and it is now a recognised body

When asked about how they manage studies as well as the social initiative, Sheffi smiles and says, “It takes a will to do something good. Nowadays, children spend hours on Facebook and playstations. We are utilising that time here, spreading smiles among the poor children. Believe me, it is not difficult at all.” 


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