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 (Draft) Master Plan 2031

Last week, as a close to the first year of Friday Gurgaon, we gave you an assessment – One Step Backward - of Gurgaon (especially civic services) in the year gone by.

This week, at the start of a new year, we look forward to Gurgaon 2031.

The future is being built around Gurgaon, in a horse-shoe arc of Gurgaon II – comprising Sectors 58 to 115 – extending in the south from  the Golf Course Extension Road (Southern Peripheral Road – SPR) to NH8, near the Kherki Daula Toll Plaza; and in the north from Dwarka Expressway (Northern Peripheral Road – NPR) to NH8) – meeting near-abouts the same toll plaza, on the other side.

New in 2031 Master Plan

Wazirpur-Farukhnagar Road and Gurgaon-Badli-Bahadurgarh Road, via Chandu, has been proposed to be widened upto 75m, with 30m green belt on both sides. A bye-pass of 90m width, and 30m green belt on either side, will connect Sohna Road with NH8, beyond Manesar. It will take off near Jail Road (on Sohna Road), and culminate near National Brain Research Institute, Manesar  (NH8). 

50 hectares have been reserved exclusively for the whole sale market for building material, grain and vegetables, in Sec 99A -  along newly proposed 75m wide road. 40 hectares around this site will be reserved for idle parking of heavy vehicles. 45 hectares (near village Dhankot) has been reserved for shifting of all existing dairies. 

The District Planning Committee (DPC) and the District Level Committee (DLC) have further suggested:

An Education Hub of 200 hectares, along the newly proposed bye-pass above Sec 68 (at the cost of some public and semi-public land).

The existing Gurgaon-Sohna Road, beyond urbanization area, may be widened to 60m, with 50m green belt on either side.

The Naurangpur Road may be widened to 60m, for some part.

The Fashion Hub, World Trade Hub, and Entertainment Hub, proposed along the KMP Expressway, may also be depicted in the Draft Plan.

Mass Rapid Transit  System (MRTS) corridors : 

Northern link - From Dwarka, along Northern Peripheral Road, upto Inter State Bus Terminal (ISBT) cum MRTS depot – near Kherki Duala. The 400 acre planned ISBT will suffice for a common ISBT and MRTS depot;

Southern link - along Mehrauli Road Sector 28-29, upto new road link from Delhi via Gual Pahari, and then via Southern Peripheral Road, upto ISBT.

Manesar link – ISBT to Manesar.

Delhi-Gurgaon link roads

150 m wide - Northern Peripheral Road – Dwarka to Gurgaon NH8, before Toll Plaza

90m wide - Vasant Kunj to Mehrauli Road

90m wide - Andheria Mor to Gurgaon Faridabad Road, through Mandi and Gual Pahari; and then linked to 90m wide Southern Peripheral Road to Gurgaon NH8, before Toll Plaza

Storm Water Drain – Nallah – along the Southern Peripheral Road.

75m and 60m wide sector dividing roads.


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