Psycho Pain

  • Aditi Bhola
  • India
  • Aug 17, 2012



 The human mind works in myriad ways. Our mind can make us imagine and ‘strongly believe’ imaginary things. The man in the following poem suffers severe pain when he ‘imagines’ that he has swallowed his denture.

An old pastor his teeth fallen off,

An artificial denture in place did put.

Daily took out his denture at night,

And put it in a glass kept on his right.

One morning got up, his denture nowhere.

Felt stomach, discomfort was there.

Thought he forgot from mouth to take.

And it had slipped inside, terribly to ache.

Recounted the matter, alongside he cried.

His wife rang doctor, to soothe him she tried.

An ambulance arrived,  reached he the hospital.

“How could it slip in?” was doctor’s rebuttal.

“Me with pain am dying, believing me you're not.”

Arrangements made, surgeon's about to cut.

When came the servant loud crying, 

Cat took the denture, was in the corner lying.

Smile to the doctor’s face, did this good news bring.

For his observation, wanted it his praise to sing.

The pastor sat up with cheers many, 

“Pain, what pain, I don’t have any”. 


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