Love And Voice

  • Aditi Bhola
  • India
  • Jul 13, 2012

Saints and seers say that there exists a mysterious relation between anger and the voice’s tone and temper. Anger suggests a distance between hearts. So to cover up that distance we are naturally forced to raise our volume. Our tone and pitch automatically rise to match the ‘risen’ gap between the hearts. The following verse lights up this spiritual fact.

In a church, one day, 

On a hot day of May,

An aged father pastor 

Asked a respected spiritual master,

“There are questions various

But about one I am curious”

“Come out, what is in your mind?

I will try its answer to find”.

“When we are angry , why do we shout?

I have thought answers various

But they seem me spurious.

So wise master help me out

Bring me out of the curtain of doubt”.

The master spoke very gently,

In a tone soothing and friendly.

“When distance widens between peoples’ hearts,

Due to hate, anger or sorts

So does the voice- its decibel

Like in a tub a violently stirred pebble.

When due to warmth of love,

They seem cooing like a dove.

Distance then between them is small,

The voice too is soft like velvety ball.

When love does distance decrease,

Voice not more than whisper increase."



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